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Polearm Course (Spear, Poleaxe, Pike etc)

Join us over 8 weeks as we delve into the wonderful world of poking things with a variety of pointy sticks and hitting things with big big hammers. This course will aim to give participants an understanding of the basics of Spears, Poleaxes, and other cool pole weapons; drawing on medieval and renaissance fencing systems from Italy, Germany, Spain, and France.

The course runs for 8 consecutive Wednesday evening classes, starting on the 4th of July and concluding on the 22nd of August. Classes will be held at the Melbourne Salle (12/64 Oakover Rd, Preston) and will start at 8:30 pm and finish at 9:45 pm. Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

As always, the first class is free. Bookings are required – we need to ensure there’s equipment for everyone. If you’re already a monthly all-classes-included member, this course is included too!
Otherwise it’s $100 for students of the SHF and affiliated schools, or $155 for new students (this covers the cost of the class, as well as school membership and attendance at all SHF classes for the duration of the course).

And here’s the facebook event.