Friday Fight Night

Open Floor Free Play – Supervised free sparring for all Melbourne HEMA fighters, using Longsword, Sidesword, Rapier, Broadsword, Spear, Messer and their accompaniments.

This is an opportunity for dedicated social sparring and a good way to encounter other styles of Historical Fencing outside formal tournaments,

Fencing with people outside your sparring culture requires communication, if you are going to spar with someone you need to agree on the rules of engagement you want to play with first.

Fighters must wear protective equipment appropriate to the level of free play they are about to engage in, generally this means a minimum of a fencing mask for slow play but could be very comprehensive for other sparring conditions.

Fencers who cannot maintain adequate control will not be allowed to spar.

Fortnightly on a Fridays
8:05 – 10 pm

The Melbourne Salle
12/62-64 Oakover Rd
Preston Vic 3072

$10 SHF and affiliated school members (MSG, Aesir, FSV, VHCA, FCA)
$15 Non-members

Spectators free