Bolognese Fencing

The Bolognese or Dardi School of fencing flourished through the late 15th until the late 16th centuries. This style of fencing encompasses a wide variety of weapons and contexts the main foci for classes at the school are: single sword, sword & shield, and greatsword.

One of the wonderful things about bolognese fencing is the wide variety of treatises covering it, from the Anonimo around 1510 to dall’Agocchie in the 1570’s.

Treatises in the Dardi school discuss combat with: single sword, sword & buckler (small round shield), sword & targa (small square shield), sword & cloak, great sword, spears, daggers, two swords, sword & dagger, sword & rotella (big round shield), plus fencing in armour and other weapons and combinations.

For sword & buckler the main treatise we use is Antonio Manciolino‘s Opera Nova, which was probably first published in the 1520’s, for single sword we use Giovanni dall’Agocchie’s work, and for great sword (Spadone) we use Achille Marozzo‘s text from 1536.