Longsword Open Tournament

Have you been learning fencing for a while?

Now is the time to start competing – The Longsword Open is a tournament focusing on the medieval sword held in two hands. The tournament will be friendly and safe. Fight or Watch you will be welcomed, we even have swords and some protective equipment to borrow.


Sunday 14th of October

10 am – Hall opens for rego and warmup tournament
10:30 – Registrations close
11 am – Two Handed Sword Tournament
12 pm – Lunch break
1 pm – More tournament and finals
3 pm – Pub

Longswords and feders will be restricted to a total length of less than 125 cm and must meet weight and flex requirements – some swords will be available to borrow on the day as well.

All other rules – to be advised.

Participant – $25
Spectators & Staff – Free


The Melbourne Salle
12/64 Oakover Rd
Preston Vic 3072