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Ton Puey Workshops

The School of Historical Fencing, in collaboration with HERA, is pleased to present a weekend of classes with Ton Puey  in Melbourne.

Saturday 1st of September, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Sunday 2nd of September, 10 am – 4 pm

About Ton
Ton Puey grew up studying karate shotokan in his childhood and teenage years, before getting into sports fencing. He got historical in 2002, and around 2004 began researching and teaching the Iberian school of Verdadera Destreza. Ton has taught workshops in Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Russia and USA. Ton is a founding member of Asociación Galega de Esgrima Antigua -Galician Association of Historical Fencing- and a honorary member of the Spanish Federation of Historical Fencing. Ton also belongs to the editorial board of AGEA publishing, and to the European Association Hemac.  


Early Bird Regular Price On The Day
Full Weekend $200 $240 $280
Saturday only $120 $150 $170
Saturday morning $80 $90 $110
Deadline 31/7/18 30/8/18 2/9/18


If you would like to attend but are experiencing financial hardship please get in contact via email and provisions may be made.

The Melbourne Salle
12/64 Oakover Rd
Preston 3072