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March Beginners Course

Join our beginners course in Swordfighting. This course will teach the fundamentals of renaissance combat with Single Sword, Sword & Shield, and two handed Sword, according to the Bolognese tradition and particularly Giovanni dall’Agocchie’s 1572 book.

The first class is free to try 🙂


Class will start at 1:15 pm and finish at 2:30 pm every Saturday for 6 weeks and finishes on the 14th of April.  Students should wear comfortable black pants (tracksuit preferred) and a t-shirt. Equipment is provided, though students are welcome to bring their own.

Prices and Benefits
The whole course costs $170 for adults, and $145 for concession, which includes annual membership in the school and access to all of the regular classes at the school for 8 weeks, two weeks longer than the course.


The Melbourne Salle
4/64 Oakover Rd
Preston, Vic 3072