New Students

Welcome to the school.

As a beginner you are welcome to attend any of the regular classes at the school or come to one of our dedicated beginners courses.

What to bring to class? We recommend you wear a plain t-shirt, black tracksuit (or similar, eg. yoga) pants, and flat-soled shoes, and carry a water bottle. If you have your own fencing mask or training sword (blunt!), please bring them too.

Every class is intended to finish with the students healthier than they started. If an activity will cause or exacerbate injury you should not do that activity. The instructor can usually find a way to modify an exercise for a student’s particular needs.

A typical class follows this pattern:

  1. Students arrive 10 minutes before the formal class and make themselves ready
  2. Required equipment for the class is distributed
  3. Students stand in a line with a waster (wooden sword) facing the instructor and salute
  4. The instructor guides the students through a warm up
  5. The class performs standard drills and exercises
  6. The instructor introduces new material for the students to practice
  7. There are regular short breaks for water throughout the class
  8. The formal class ends with a salute
  9. The instructor is available after class to answer questions and give students personal training attention
  10. When it is time to leave the hall anyone remaining assists in tidying the space and putting away equipment

The structure of more advanced classes is similar, although these students complete their own warm up before class.

The salute is an historical element used to show respect. It is performed at the start and finish of paired drills and classes at the school.

Feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have.