Sidesword Open Tournament

The Sidesword Open is a set tournaments with a focus on historical techniques.

(subject to change due to registration numbers)

9 am – hall opens for rego and warmup
10 am – Sword & Buckler
11 am – Single sword Tournament
12 pm – Lunch break
1 pm – More single sword tournament and finals
3 pm – Pub


The Sword & Buckler will be a fast, safe, and fun tournament. The Single Sword tournament will be a serious, safe, and fun tournament.

Weapons shall be any straight bladed single handed cut & thrust swords based on historical designs (including weight and balance) from the 16th or early 17thc including: Arming Sword, Broadsword, Backsword, Schiavona, Katzbalger, and Sidesword. In keeping with this intention weapons must weigh more than 900 g and less than 1500 g, and have blades less than 94 cm long.

Rest of rules to be advised.

Participant – $25
Spectators & Staff – Free

The Melbourne Salle
12/64 Oakover Rd
Preston Vic 3072