PJF Girard’s Art of the Smallsword

Join our fundamentals course in Smallsword, the noble art of 18th-century war-shiv combat, as it was before classical and modern fencing developed on its basis.

We will go through the basics of the system and develop, over six weeks, a rounded skillset for the practical Pointeur, from Tierce and Quarte through to defence against spears and cutting swords. P.J.F Girard was a French naval officer and developed a martial system (published 1740) not restrained by mere fashion or salle and tournament rulesets. It’s HEMA. With smallswords!

These things need minimal gear and are great swords for warm January nights. Masks and a limited number of foils will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own stick or stick simulator, such as a smallsword or foil. Light (or otherwise) fencing jackets, gloves, sweatbands and a box for men also recommended.

The course runs for 6 consecutive Wednesday evening classes, starting on the 10th of January and concluding on the 14th of February.
Classes will be held at the Melbourne Salle (12/62-64 Oakover Rd, Preston) and will start at 8:15 pm and finish at 9:30 pm.

As always, the first class is free. Bookings are required – we need to ensure there’s equipment for everyone. You should wear comfortable black pants (tracksuit preferred) and a t-shirt.
If you’re already a monthly all-classes-included member, this course is included too!
Otherwise it’s $80 for students of the SHF and affiliated schools, or $120 for new students (this covers the cost of the class, as well as school membership and attendance at all SHF classes for the duration of the course).

And here’s the facebook event.