Short Course – All in Fighting against Nazism

Fighting according to fairburn and sykes

The SHF is thrilled to announce our five week course in the Fairburn Sykes system, starting on the 16th of November. If you’re already convinced, register here.


During the second world war the allies needed a system which they could use to teach the everyday men and women who volunteered for action behind enemy lines. They needed it to be simple, silent and brutally effective.

Fairbairn Sykes is that system. Developed first on the mean streets of Shanghai during the roaring twenties it is a blend of Eastern and Western traditions of unarmed that has influenced military training to this day.

Classes will be held at the Melbourne Salle (12/62-64 Oakover Rd, Preston) and will start at 6:30 pm and finish at 8 pm.

As always, the first class is free. Bookings are required – we need to ensure there’s equipment for everyone. You should wear comfortable black pants (tracksuit preferred) and a t-shirt.

If you’re already a monthly all-classes-included member, this one is included too!
Otherwise it’s $60 for members of the SHF and affiliated schools, or $110 for new students (this covers the cost of the class, as well as school membership and attendance at all SHF classes for the duration of the course).

Loaner equipment is available for the class to share as necessary.

And here’s the facebook event.