Fencing In and Out of Armour




This will be a workshop series on various forms of Sword Fighting with international instructor Steaphen Fick.

Saturday Morning 10 – 12:30 pm, will focus on Italian Longsword
Saturday Afternoon 1 – 3:30 pm, will focus on English Rapier
Sunday 10 – 4 pm, will focus on fencing in armour

Saturday 9th of July 10 – 4 pm
Sunday 10th of July 10 – 4 pm


About the instructor

Steaphen Fick has been fighting in armour since 1989. During the 90’s Steaphen began training with the lighter weapons; he trained with the Rapier and Dagger, the Single Rapier and the Spada di Filo (cut and thrust sword). He traveled to the UK to study with Maestro Paul MacDonald in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1999. Whilst studying the Rapier and Dagger he became a recognized authority on the system of Joseph Swetnam (1617).

Steaphen is the author of “The Beginner’s Guide to the Long Sword” and opened the Davenriche European Martial Artes School in June of 2000. He teaches adults and children ranging in ages from 10-80. The disciplines include the historic use of the longsword, the Rapier and Dagger, the Single Rapier, the Rondel dagger, the Spada di Filo, fully armoured Combat as well as other weapon systems.

Saturday morning $45
Saturday afternoon $45
Sunday all day $85
All workshops $140

Members of the School of Historical Fencing and other MSG affiliated schools (MSG, Aesir, FCA, FSV, VHCA) receive a $5 discount for the workshop.