Sidesword Workshop


This workshop will explore the principal guards, attacks, and defences of the Sword Alone as taught by Giovanni dall’Agocchie and the rest of the Bolognese school.

Dall’Agocchie’s work is distinctive in teaching the Sword Alone as the primary system instead of Sword & Buckler as the other treatises of the Bolognese tradition did. It was published in 1670s Italy and was the last of it’s kind in Italy before the rapier took over.

Sunday 26th of June 10 – 4 pm


Participants will require a sword and a mask, but if you don’t have your own there will be some spare masks and wasters. Gloves, gorget, and forearm protection will be useful if you would like to participate in free play.

Full                 $60
Concession    $50

Members of the School of Historical Fencing and other MSG affiliated schools (MSG, Aesir, FCA, FSV,) receive a $5 discount for the workshop.


Carlton Scout Hall
12 Shakespeare St
Carlton, Victoria 3054