Test Cutting Day

Test cutting day to practice striking real targets. The materials used will be tatami mats and plastic milk bottles, with some other options just for fun. The instructor will be supervising to ensure safe practice.

Please bring any milk bottles or other target materials you have on hand, and your sparring equipment if you would like to fence while others are cutting targets.

10 am – 4 pm
Sunday 10th of April

Member of MSG affiliate (SHF, VHCA, FCA, FSV, Aesir) – $30
Non-Member  – $40

Please email: historicalfencingschool at gmail dot com
and include your name and school. Fees will be due on the day in cash or, via paypal/bank beforehand. Bookings will close on the 2nd of April.

Carlton Scout Hall
12 Shakespeare St
Carlton North, Victoria 3054