Spadone Workshop

Marozzo Spadone - Guardia di Testa
This workshop will explore the principal guards, attacks, and defences of the two handed sword as explained by Achille Marozzo in his book Opera Nova (New Work).

The book was published in 1630s Italy and forms the core of extant material on the Bolognese school of swordsmanship, one of the few distinctive groups of treatises in historical fencing.The section on two handed sword, what later authors call Spadone is relatively late in the book and includes three assaults i.e. training forms. We will learn some parts of the first assault during the workshop.


Sunday 14th of February 10 – 4 pm


Participants will require a Spadone simulator. Very basic wasters can be purchased for $30 or you can bring your own. The whole sword should reach your shoulder or further and the handle should be approximately as long as the forearm.

Full                 $60
Concession    $50
Waster           $30

Members of the School of Historical Fencing and other MSG affiliated schools (MSG, Aesir, FCA, FSV,) receive a $10 discount for the workshop.


Carlton Scout Hall
12 Shakespeare St
Carlton, Victoria 3054