Dussack afternoon

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Meyer’s approach to dussack is both straightforward and creative. He outlines a series of drills that quickly progresses students from fundamentals to technical mastery, and builds an increasingly sophisticated arsenal of techniques by layering and combining them. Even experienced proponents of single handed styles are guaranteed to find new tricks and insights in this material, which is suitable for any cutting single handed sword.

Mark Holgate of Adelaide Sword Academy will be teaching the basics of fencing with Dussack according to Joachim Meyer, in this three hour seminar.

Participants can bring their own Dussack or buy one to be picked up at the event.


Saturday 27th of June 2 pm – 5 pm

Required Equipment
Mask, padded gloves, and a dussack or equivalent sword.

Adults $30
Concession $25
Dussack $50

Members of MSG affiliated schools (Aesir, MSG, FSV, SHF) receive $5 discount to attend the seminar.

Carlton Scout Hall
12 Shakespeare St
Carlton North, Victoria 3054