Flagship Beginners Course

Join our beginners course in Knightly Combat starting on the 7th of March. The course runs for 8 consecutive Saturday morning classes and concludes on the 2nd of May, with a break in the middle for Easter.

The course will be held at Carlton Scout Hall, Shakespeare St Carlton. Class will start at 10 am and finish at 11:30 am with 30 minutes of unstructured training afterwards.

The course costs $160 for adults, and $135 for concession, which includes membership in the school for 2015, as well as access to all required equipment.

Register for the course here.

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4 thoughts on “Flagship Beginners Course

  1. Peter Tran


    This seems very interesting to me, I was just wondering if this will only/mainly focus on weapons or if it will also incorporate unarmed combat too. Also, I’m wondering what the training fees would be after the beginners course and if you are planning to hold more than one class a week in the future.


  2. Tom

    Hi Gindi,

    I missed the boat on your first beginner course, are you planning on running another one later in the year?



  3. Erin

    Hello, I would like to attend the beginners course, will there be another course when the current one finishes on May 2?

    Kind regards,


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